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  P&C First Time Pass Ratio for Nov 28-30 class...79%  

How our school was built

Unique, Effective, and Affordable is not just a slogan, it’s how Montgomery Insurance School was built.

Montgomery Insurance School is unique. Our goal is to help you pass the state exam. We keep our three day class focused and fun so you can pass your Life & Health or Property & Casualty state exam the first time you take it.   Randy Montgomery not only has 24 years experience in teaching prelicensing classes, he is also a professional stand-up comedian and comedy writer, so he knows how to keep things fun,

Our materials and our dynamic presentation are effective.   We are proud that our pass ratio is consistently one of the highest in the state.

Our Textbook is void of fluff, and you don’t need the vocabulary skills of a college professor to grasp its easy-to- comprehend explanations.      

Our proprietary Study Guide is designed specifically for the Indiana Licensing Exam.  In our Study Guide you’ll find our 160+ question Diagnostic Final Exam that tracks the state provided exam outline which will direct your efforts toward the subjects that are giving you the most trouble.    Plus, you’ll find our Self-Evaluation Checklist, so you can make sure you’ll remember and understand the most important facts in each chapter of our textbook. And again, unlike many of our national competitors, our Study Guide is built for Indiana.   

Plus, we are proud to offer our own online exams. The exams help you gauge your progress and also help acquaint you with how it feels to take an online exam. As a result, when you sit for the State Exam, you’ll feel comfortable with both the material and the delivery system.  We currently have over 1,000 online questions. These are not third party exams that many schools use, these are written by us for the exclusive use of our students.   

We also have over 600 online flashcards that students have access to before, during and after class. In addition there is an audio review included in the tuition price of your course.

Our classes are affordable because owners Maria and Randy Montgomery work hard to keep tuition and material costs down to make our course accessible to people who are embarking on a new career.  


“I can't thank you enough for your outstanding teaching of insurance. Everything you said, along with all of your quizzes and exams, were in direct correlation to the state exam. Without your help, there is no way I could have gotten a 91% on the exam. Again, thank you so much! I am very happy for having chosen your pre-licensing course. When I decide to get my Life and Health license, I will definitely look to one of your classes!”...Justin 

"This is a great class. It feels much more personal and involved than I would have expected. This is a family business that really cares about how well you do throughout the licensing process!"…L.M.

"I left Montgomery Insurance School with confidence. As an agent, I will be sure to send my future employees to Montgomery Insurance School."…M.V. 

"This has been by far my most pleasant experience with insurance schools. The hours were very convenient for working people with families. The subject matter was delivered in a simple and fun way that I found very effective!"….T.H. 

"Randy's examples and stories were relevent to the material. His upbeat, positive presentation helped to keep me focused on what I was learning!"…C.C.

"Randy you are so patient and willing to help everyone with the materials. It was such a pleasure to attend your course. You made it a positive experience!"…D.J.

“I was so afraid that this insurance class would be so dreadfully boring, but it actually was awesome. It was like listening to a comedy act but learning insurance at the same time! Thank you so much.”....Amanda

“I passed my L&H exam with a 94%!! I know you don’t care about the score as you expressed in class.   But the reason I passed with such a high score is due to your tools. I did what you said. Read the whole book before class, did the flash cards, did the Study Guide, quizzes and listened to the CD. I was never good in school or with tests. I just simply want to succeed. Thank you again. You are a great, fun teacher and your tools do work!”…Caitlin   

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