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Montgomery Insurance School is the most innovative insurance pre-licensing education provider in Indiana and perhaps in the country. How many other pre-licensing training schools offer fast-paced, affordable, insurance education taught by a professional stand-up comedian? Roughly, none.

Montgomery Insurance School co-owner, Randy Montgomery, has 21 years experience in teaching both Life and Health, and Property and Casualty pre-licensing classes in both Indiana and Michigan.  He has authored and published a number of unique and helpful study tools designed specifically to help students pass their exam.

In addition, Randy is a stand-up comedian with more than 25 years of experience performing comedy. He is also a comedy writer for the Bob and Tom show and has written for Jay Leno.

Co-owner Maria Turner-Montgomery has a proven track record in providing unparalleled customer service. Her genuine concern for people serves to make the  Montgomery Insurance School experience a warm and welcoming one. Maria is also bilingual and can provide some specialized assistance to our Spanish speaking students.

Our promise to you is that at Montgomery Insurance School you’ll get the information you need to know to pass your exam presented in a memorable and enjoyable style.

What do you get for $279?

--3 day classroom review

--Text book

--Study Guide

--Audio CD

--Online Quizzes and Exams

--Paper quizzes for those without internet

--Online Flashcards

--Online videos

--Online audio explanations

--Outstanding Pass Ratio

--Unprecedented after-hours instructor access via student help cellphone

--Unparalleled customer service

--SIRCON Fee and Priority Mail Shipping included

What’s Happening in 2015?

More classes than ever!!

We know it’s important for you to get licensed fast.  That’s why we are offering 35 Life and Health classes and 14 Property and Casualty classes in 2015.

Two for One

We have made our Two for One offer permanent.  If you register and pay for your Life and Health and Property and Casualty Courses at the same time, the total tuition for both classes will be just $499.00.

Videos, Flash Cards, and Audio Explanations for Quizzes

We are adding videos and flash cards (we have 600+ flash cards online for both Life and Health and Property and Casualty) our students can use to help reinforce what they’ve learned. These are unique to our school, and, as you’d expect, there will be no extra charge for these tools. We are also in the process of adding audio explanations of our quiz questions.   Again, no extra charge to our students.

Student Comments

 “I can honestly say that the impact your class made for me was life changing. I had made the mistake of paying for an online course offered by the company I would be working for and failed the exam 3 times. While working day and night at my current jobs, I still managed to squeeze in 3-5 hours a day(EVERYDAY) for THREE LONG months of course time online.I even had to pay to extend the course,since it expired after 90 days. After completing the course and failing the exam the third time I had become very discouraged and depressed. I am not one to give up however and decided to look into other options.   During one of my evening shifts at work, I mentioned my struggle and frustration to a co-worker, who had his License. I asked him how many times it took to pass? His response was both inspiring and disappointing at the same time. "Once", he said. I asked how long it took to get through the course? "Three days",he said. What!!!! I was definitely interested looking into this further, so I asked where he went. The response he gave was perhaps the main reason for me attending your course. "His name,was Mr. Montgomery",he said.  I was so impressed that he said "Mr. Montgomery" as if you were good friends,I had to sign up! After spending the weekend taking your course I learned a lot and had a blast doing it. I have told several people that I never thought I would have such a good time going to school and PAYING for it! But I did and three days later, I passed that stupid exam!!!  I will never get those three months or money back that I wasted on the online course, but there's no reason why anyone else should either. Perhaps I can look at my situation as an opportunity I would have otherwise missed out on to help others understand how amazing and straight forward your class is. Words cannot express how grateful I am and look forward to your continuing success. Thank you.”
....Edwin B.

“My name is Ryan and I took the prop and casualty class and the life and health class this month and wanted to let you know that I passed both exams on the first try.  I really enjoyed my time in class, it is such dry material but Randy does a great job with relating terms and concepts into real world terms. It makes memorization so much easier when you take your exam.  It is 100% true that if you pay attention in class, take notes/highlight, work a ton with flash cards and take all of the practice tests online and in the study guide you will be 100% prepared to pass the exam.  Being 29 years old and never having any life experience with life insurance and annuities made the life/health class very hard for me to grasp. I studied for an entire week, and lo and behold, the wording and general tone of the state exam was exactly the same as the online quizzes.  Thank you guys for providing an excellent option to jump into this career field “

“ I wanted to thank you and your wife so so so much.  You have an incredible ability to reach your students no matter where they are from or what background.  You're able to relate to and teach the quietest kid in the classroom, the most insecure, or the loudest.  You are a among the best of teachers because you truly are interested in seeing your students do well.  Thank you so much for helping me with my test anxiety!!! It's the only time in my life that I've actually been able to conquer it and I will henceforth because of your help. So please tell your wife thank you for me too and I'm grateful to you both for this week and for making it so much fun!!!.”...Jilliannne

“Thank you! I passed my (L&H) exam with a 94%!!   I know you don’t care about the score as you expressed in class ;).  But the reason I passed with such a high score is due to your tools. I did what you said. Read the whole book before class, did the flash cards, did the study guides, quizzes, and listened to the cd. I did the flash cards every day starting 2 weeks before the class started and everyday up until the exam.   I was never good in school or with tests. I just simply want to succeed, and did what you said. 
Thank you again. You are a great fun teacher and your tools do work!”...Caitlin

“This class is exactly what i needed.  The class is interactive, fun, and extremely practical.  I will definitely recommend this class to anyone asking and to all of my future employees.”...Tara

“This is Corey from the class this past weekend, and I would like to preface this with great appreciation.  I took the state exam this morning and I would like to say with no exaggeration I have never felt more confident in passing a test in my life.  The questions on the practice exams were spot on and with the all of the quizzes and  listening to the CD; I passed the test in a half hour’s time.  I would like to thank you and Maria again for your help as well as the good experience in the class.  Thank you all again and keep up the good work.”...Corey

“I had a great experience with Montgomery Insurance School.  Randy simplifies the material to make it accessible.  We covered a huge amount of material in a short time and the online materials help reinforce the learning process.  Thank you!”...Melissa

“I can't thank you enough for your outstanding teaching of insurance. Everything you said, along with all of your quizzes and exams, were in direct correlation to the state exam. Without your help, there is no way I could have gotten a 91% on the (P&C) exam.  Again, thank you so much! I am very happy for having chosen your pre-licensing course” ...Justin

“I was very nervous coming into this class.  By lunch of the 1st day, I felt 10 times better”...Amy

Check our Student Comment page for more comments

------------------------------------------------WEEKEND CLASSES FOR THE SPECIAL RATE OF $249.00

(Includes shipping..there are no other fees)

Can’t get away for a class during the week?

We understand.

That’s why we are offering weekend Life and Health prelicensing classes for the special rate of $249.00. (Friday-Sunday)


March 23, 2015

The Indiana Department of Insurance has published the first time pass ratios for February for the state’s prelicensing providers.

Here are the results.

Our Life and Health First Time pass rate...74%

Our pass rate was #1 for schools with more than four test takers

The overall state first time pass rate..........59%

Our Property and Casualty First Time pass rate..60%

Our pass rate was #1 for schools with more than five test takers

The overall state first time pass rate.....................43%

There is no doubt that our success is due to the hard work of our exceptional students.  Thank you so much!